Physical Education Games

Games designed for learning.

When properly designed, games can create ideal settings for student learning in physical education. Each game in this collection has been purposefully crafted to help students meet specific learning targets.

Game Categories

A thematic approach to physical education.

By categorizing games based on the similarities that exist between their components (e.g. skills, tactics, playing area), we can take a thematic approach to teaching PE.
In a thematic approach, students get to explore tactical problems that exist across a variety of games (e.g. getting open in invasion games). This approach promotes the transfer of learning between multiple games and supports the development of competent, confident movers.

Physical education games categories icons, featuring invasion, net and wall, striking and fielding, target, FMS, chasing and fleeing, health and fitness, and cooperation games.
Teaching games for understanding invasion games category icon featuring hockey, basketball, soccer, and football equipment.

Game Category


Invasion games are games in which two teams compete to outscore their opponents within a certain amount of time. Teams score by invading their opponents side of the field and sending the object (e.g. ball, puck) into a goal or getting the object pass a goal line. Players in invasion games constantly transition between offence and defence based on whether or not their team is in possession of the object.

Game Category

Net & Wall

Net and wall games are games in which players/teams compete to outscore their opponent(s). They do so by sending the object (e.g. ball, shuttlecock) to a space in their opponents’ court so that it cannot be played or returned within the boundaries of the game. Net and wall games are typically played on a net-divided court or in a common space using a shared wall.

Teaching games for understanding net and wall games category icon featuring badminton, table tennis, volleyball, and tennis equipment.
Teaching games for understanding striking and fielding games category icon featuring baseball, softball, and cricket equipment.

Game Category

Striking & Fielding

Striking and fielding games are games in which teams attempt to outscore their opponents by scoring more runs/ points within a set amount of innings. To score a run, players typically need to run around a certain amount of bases or run between two set bases. Within an inning, teams alternate between being at bat (offence) and fielding the ball (defence).

Game Category


Target games are games in which players compete to outscore their opponents by placing a projectile (e.g. ball, dart, arrow) closer to a target than their opponent is able to. Some target games are “unopposed” (i.e. a player’s opponent cannot interfere with their play and success depends solely on a player’s accuracy) while others are “opposed” (i.e. a player may interfere with their opponent’s play).

Teaching games for understanding target games category icon featuring golf, bowling, and curling equipment.


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