Frogs & Fish

Game Overview

Play Area

The teacher sets up a play area with an end zone at each end. One of these zones will serve as the burrow, the other will be the riverbank. The area in between the two end zones is the river. The teacher may scatter poly spots across the river that will serve as lily pads. Finally, the teacher will place beanbags (flies) on the riverbank.


The goal of the game is to gather all of the flies from the riverbank and bring them back to the burrow.


The teacher divides the class into two teams: the Frogs and the Toads. Throughout the game, toads may only move by jumping and frogs may only move by hopping.

The teacher then selects a few students to play the role of Fish. The Fish may only move within the river (however, they may not go on the lily pads) and their goal is to tag any Frogs or Toads that are attempting to cross.

If a Frog or a Toad becomes tagged by a Fish, that player switches roles and returns to the burrow (e.g. a Frog becomes a Toad and vice-versa). If a player is tagged while carrying a fly, they must return the fly to the riverbank and then make their way back to the burrow.

Frogs and Toads may use the lily pads as safe bases to avoid being tagged while crossing the river.

Play continues until all of the flies have been gathered or until a pre-determined amount of time has elapsed.


Fish may only use soft tags (you can also have them use foamies for tagging). Frogs and Toads should be mindful of where they are jumping and/or hopping. Only one player may use a lily pad at a time.

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Toads and Frogs

Start the game off by dividing you class into two teams: toads and frogs. Have students get into a scattered formation within the playing area. On the teacher’s signal, students move about the playing area using their respective skill (i.e. toads jump and frogs hop). After a few minutes, have the teams switch roles and resume their movement.

Build Two: Food Flies

Divide the playing area into the three areas mentioned in the game rules above: the burrow, the river and the river bank. Place a large amount of beanbags on the river bank. Toads and frogs start in the burrow and must move across the river – jumping or hopping, depending on their role – to the river bank. Once there, they collect one fly and bring it back to their burrow. The game goes on until all of the flies are collected. Once that is done, return the flies to the river bank and have the teams switch roles.

Build Three: Lily Pads

Now place a variety of lily pads on the river. Toads and frogs can take a break from jumping or hopping by resting on a lily pad. For each colour lily pad that you use, assign a task. For example, orange lily pads require you to assume a balancing pose while you rest on them, blue lily pads require you to perform an exercise (e.g. air squat) while on them and green lily pads require you to stretch while on them. You can build this colours/tasks into the game one colour at a time.

Build Four: Hungry Fish

Now you can introduce the fish into the game and play the full version of Frogs & Fish as it is detailed in the rules above.

Safety Considerations

Fish should use soft tags when tagging fleeing players (consider using foamies a.k.a. shortened pool noodles).

All players should keep their eyes up at all times.

Only one player may rest on a lily pad at a time.

Balances, exercises and stretches should all be vertical (i.e. no lying down on the floor) to avoid accidents.

Equipment Requirements

  • Boundary markers
  • Beanbags
  • Pinnies
  • Poly Spots
  • Foamies (optional)

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