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Ongoing Professional Development for Physical Education Teachers

#PhysEdU is's professional growth community.
It's a space where you can connect with like-minded PE teachers, ask the questions you've always wanted to ask, and get the support you need to radically transform your teaching.
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Let's grow together.

#PhysEdU was launched to create a distraction-free space in which physical educators could form a meaningful professional community that addresses many of the problems that PE teachers face today.

Goal One

Build an authentic community.

#PhysEdU was designed to be a space in which we can have vulnerable conversations, ask important questions, seek out honest feedback, and learn together.
As a #PhysEdU member, you get to be a part of a community that truly cares about raising the bar for physical education everywhere.

Goal Two

Provide ongoing support.

Attending an annual conference is great, but what happens when you get back to your school? Without ongoing support, it's easy to lose steam and fall into teaching ruts.
At #PhysEdU, the learning never stops. You get to keep asking questions, seeking feedback, and getting the support you need to grow.

Goal Three

Spark new ideas for innovative PE.

Students deserve meaningful physical education and physical educators deserve to feel excited about what they are teaching.
With its ongoing stream of new content and resources, #PhysEdU is guaranteed to provide you with the spark you need for your next great idea!

Teachers love it.

#PhysEdU is constantly growing and evolving.
One thing that never changes: members love our community.
"This is now my 'morning coffee' site where I go to learn a new game, read a quick atomic essay, or reflect upon my own instructional habits."
Dan Stover
Physical Educator
"This community has been so positive to be engaged with. Joey is very responsive and feels like a personal trainer in the physical world."
Jennifer Smith
Physical Educator
"I have been an educator for a long time and this is one of the top professional development opportunities I have been a part of."
Wyatt Franz
Physical Educator
"While the Monthly Freebies are fantastic, the growth goal setting and support that the community has been providing will make a lasting impact on my teaching and student learning."
Tanner Roos
Physical Educator
"Joining #PhysEdU has been incredibly beneficial to improving my pedagogy! Not only has Joey been pumping out resources that I can use for my teaching, but being able to chat, ask questions, and reflect with other physical educators has been super useful."
Derrick Biehl
Physical Educator

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Let's recap!

If you are a physical education teacher who is looking for ongoing support, access to amazing resources, and a community of like-minded professionals, then #PhysEdU is for you!



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Got any questions?

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay monthly?

Since the Power User and Ongoing Learner tiers give you instant access to hundreds of digital resources, only the Super Follower Tier offers a monthly option.

Can I pay via P.O.?

Unfortunately, no. #PhysEdU memberships must be paid via credit card.

How can I be sure this is right for me?

The Super Follower tier gives you an amazing feel for the overall #PhysEdU experience. Sign up for a $5/month subscription and upgrade later if you wish!

Do you offer group rates?

Yes! Get in touch using the contact page and let me know how many teachers you are looking to register. Based on that number, I can provide discounts on annual memberships.

Still have questions? Get in touch here.