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Make it easy for physical educators to bring best practices to their teaching.

Physical educators deserve to feel empowered in their teaching. That starts with professional development that is tailored to their specific needs and teaching realities.

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The Vision

Every child having access to effective, meaningful physical education.

Students deserve to have access to physical education experiences that will empower them to develop and express their physical literacy throughout their lifetime.

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Latest Resources

Exit Tap Cards

Help students reflect on their learning in physical education class with the Exit Tap Cards.

$ 5 USD
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Rhythm Challenge Cards

Help your students learn how to move to different rhythms with the Rhythm Challenge Cards!

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Fear-Setting Booklet

Overcome the fears that are leaving you feeling stuck and get on with your goals with the Fear-Setting Booklet!

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Great Games


Musical Hoops

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Chasing & Fleeing

Flag Tag

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Net & Wall


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