Game Overview

The playing area is set up in two halves, with each half having a goal area at it back end. Each team is assigned to one half of the playing area, but their goal area is on the opposite side (at the back of their opponent's half).

To win the game, teams must have all of their players be standing within their goal area.

On the teacher's signal, the game begins. Once a player passes the centre line, they can be tagged by members of the opposing team. If a player is tagged, they must remain frozen where the tag took place.

Frozen players can be unfrozen in two ways:

First, a player who has made it to the safe/finish zone, can give up their position, grab the hand of the frozen player and return to their half of the playing area.

Second, a player can come across, grab the hand of the the frozen player and then return to their half of the playing area.

The game ends when all players from a team are standing within their goal area.

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Goal Zones

Teams stand in their zones. On the teacher’s signal, Team A runs across their opponents’ territory, into their goal zone. On the teacher’s signal, Team A then returns to their zone. While Team A is running, Team B remains frozen and do not attempt to block Team A’s passage. Repeat the process with Team B running and Team A remaining frozen in their half.

Build Two: Crossover

Now that teams understand the limits of the game and how to win (by having their entire team make it to their goal zone), play the game with the full rules.

Safety Considerations

Remind students should keep their heads up when running

Equipment Requirements

  • Pinnies
  • Cones

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