Musical Hoops

Game Overview

The teacher sets up the playing area by placing hoops (one, or almost one, per player) on the floor.

The students start in a scattered formation.

On the teacher’s command (e.g. when the music starts), students will being to move about the playing area while avoiding the hoops.

On the teacher’s second command (e.g. when the music stops), students must race to the hoop closest to them and stand inside the hoop in a balanced position (e.g. on one foot).

On the next command, students continue to move about the playing area.

Learning Targets

  • I can move my body in a variety of ways.
  • I know what running, hopping, skipping, and jumping are.
  • I understand the difference between running and sprinting.
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Game Builds

Build One: Movement Skills

The teacher may request that students move using certain movement skills only (e.g. skipping, hoping, galloping). This will provide students with an opportunity to practice these skills.

Build Two: Melting Hoops

While the students are moving about the playing area, the teacher may remove some hoops from the game. On the teacher’s command, students must race to the hoop closest to them and balance. However, since there are fewer hoops than before, students must now find a way to balance while sharing their hoop with other players.

Safety Considerations

Students should keep their eyes up to avoid contact with other students.

Equipment Requirements

  • Playing area with gym floor lines
  • Hoops
  • Music

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