Beanbag Bocce

Game Overview

Divide your class into teams of four.

Each team is given four identical beanbags (e.g. all of the same colour and one for each player), and one different beanbag (which will serve as the pallino).

Teams decide which team will throw first. The starting team throws the pallino beanbag. The first player from that team throws their beanbag trying to get it as close to the pallino as possible.

The second team’s first player throws and the teams continue to alternate throwing until all eight players have thrown their beanbag.

The team who threw the closest beanbag to the pallino wins a point. If that same team also threw the second closest beanbag to the pallino, then they win a second point (and so on for up to a maximum of four points). Only one team can score points per round. Players then collect their beanbags and the pallino, and the team who did not score that round gets to start the second round.

Play short games to 7 and have teams play a best-of-three series before moving on to a new opponent.

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Throwing for Accuracy

Set up a square playing area and place the pallino in the middle of that area. As explained above, teams alternate taking turns trying to throw their beanbags as close to the pallino. However, teams may not enter the playing area yet may throw from either of its four sides.

Build Two: Throwing for Distance

Play the full version of the game. Instead of a pallino, each game has three cones that are five, ten, and fifteen feet away from the throwing line. Teams play with the cone that is five feet away in round one, ten feet away in round two, and fifteen feet away in round three.

Safety Considerations

Make sure students do not go retrieve their beanbags until all of the players have finished throwing.

Equipment Requirements

  • Beanbags
  • Cones

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Beanbag Bocce

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