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Pirates Of The Caribbean

Game Overview

Play Area

The teacher sets up a play area with an end zone at one end (the “Beach”). Opposite to the Beach, the teacher sets up a small rectangular area with cones (the “Cave”). The teacher then places a milk crate on the Beach (the “Booty Box”) and several beanbags in the Cave (“Gold Pieces”).


The goal of the game is for the Explorers to take all of the gold from the cave and bring it to the booty box, moving one piece of gold at a time.


Explorers start the game off by standing on the beach. The teacher selects a few students to start the game as Pirates. Pirates are given a pinnie to wear and a foamie for tagging.

Pirates are responsible for tagging Explorers as they run between the beach and the cave (both of those areas are considered bases where Explorers cannot be tagged).

If an Explorer is tagged by a Pirate, that Explorer must remain frozen on place with their hands in the air. If the tagged Explorer had gold in their hand, they must give it to the Pirate who will then return it to the cave.

To free a frozen player, a fellow Explorer must take the frozen player by the wrist and bring them back to the cave. Explorers may not free frozen teammates while they have gold in their hands and players cannot be tagged while rescuing a teammate (i.e. while holding them by the wrist).


Pirates must tag Explorers below shoulder-level. Beanbags may not be thrown at any time and players should remain on their feet throughout the game (i.e. no sliding).

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Treasure Island

Introduce Treasure Island one element at a time.

Start off by having all of the players stand on the Beach.

On your signal, they move into the playing area to “explore” Treasure Island. When the teacher calls “BEACH!” the Adventurers must run back to the Beach as quickly as possible.

After a few turns of this, add the Treasure Cave to the playing area.

Have students move from the Beach to the Treasure Cave as quickly as possible and remind them that those two areas are safe zones.

Build Two: Treasure Grab

Now add beanbags to the Treasure Cave that will serve as pieces of gold and a box on the Beach that will serve as the Booty Box.

Have Adventurers collect all of the Treasure from the Treasure Cave by running to the cave, taking one piece of Treasure, and then running back to the Beach and placing that Treasure in the Booty Box.

Adventurers keep going until all of the Treasure has been collected.

Time them as they do this once and then reset the game and have the Adventurers do it again while attempting to beat their previous time.

Build Three: Pirates of the Caribbean

Have all students stand inside the Beach. These students are Adventurers.

Select two students who will start off as Pirates. Each Pirates is given a pinnie to wear and a shortened pool noodle (Sword) to tag adventurers with.

On the teacher’s signal, play begins.

Adventurers attempt to make their way to the Treasure Cave, take one piece of Treasure, bring it back to the Beach and place it in the Booty Box. They keep doing so until there is no more Treasure within the Treasure Cave.

Meanwhile, Pirates attempt to tag any Adventurer who steps onto Treasure Island. Pirates cannot tag players who are on the Beach or in the Treasure Cave.

If an Adventurer is tagged, they must remain frozen on place. If they were holding onto a piece of Treasure when they were tagged, they must give it to the Pirate who tagged them (who will return it to the Treasure Cave).

Frozen players become unfrozen if a fellow Adventurer take them by the hand and brings them to the Beach. When an Adventurer is being brought to the Beach, both the rescuer and the rescuee cannot be tagged by Pirates.

Play continues until there is no Treasure left in the Treasure Cave or until all of the Adventurers are frozen.

Build Four: The Cursed Ship

Add a new playing zone on Treasure Island to serve as the Cursed Ship.

Place a foam die and hula hoops within the Cursed Ship.

Now if an Adventurer is tagged, they must move to the Cursed Ship and roll the die. If they roll an even number, they are free to return to play. If they roll an odd number, they must take a hula hoop, stand inside of it and shuffle their way across Treasure Island because they are now a Zombie.

Zombie attempt to tag Adventurers and must respect the same playing area as the Pirates. If an Adventurer is tagged by a Zombie, the two players exchange roles.

Play continues until the Adventurers have collected all of the Treasure or until they have all been turned into Zombies!

Safety Considerations

Pirates must use soft tags (not hits) when tagging Adventurers.

All players should keep their eyes up at all times.

Treasure may never be thrown.

Equipment Requirements

  • Cones
  • Pinnies
  • Foamies (Shortened Pool Noodles)
  • Beanbags
  • Box
  • Foam Die
  • Hoops

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