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Team Swarm Tag

Game Overview

Players get into a scattered formation.

Two players are given a ball each get a pinnie to wear.

These players will start off as IT.

The IT team attempts to tag other players by tagging them with the ball.

An IT players tagging another player must be holding onto the ball at the moment of the tag (they cannot throw the ball at other players).

When in possession of the ball, an IT player’s movement is restricted to pivoting.

IT players may make passes between each other in an attempt to get closer to players they wish to tag.

When a player is tagged, they go get a pinnie and rejoin the game as a member of the IT team.

The teacher may add additional balls to the game that the IT team can use.

The goal of the game, for the non-IT players, is to be the last non-IT player in the game.The goal of the game, for the IT team, is to tag all of the non-IT players.

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Avoiding Opponents

Players get into a scattered formation. On the teacher’s signal, all players begin moving about the playing are while avoiding contact with other players. This build exists to help students understand the limits of the game while helping them develop dodging skills.

Build Two: Team Swarm Tag

Players now play the game with the full version of the rules.

Build Three: Additional Movement

The teacher may allow the IT players to: a) take three steps with the ball, or b) move with the ball while dribbling.

Safety Considerations

Make sure students keep their head up when running.

Make sure no student throws the ball at another student (tagging must be done while holding onto the ball).

Equipment Requirements

  • Foam Balls
  • Pinnies

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