Guard The Pin

Game Overview

Players stand in a circle formation outside of a ring of cones. A hoop is placed in the middle of the circle, with a pin/cone placed inside the hoop.

Two players are selected to play defence. Defensive players stand inside the ring of cones, but may not step inside or over the hoop. The defensive players' role is to guard the pin/cone.

The remaining players outside of the ring of cones serve as the offensive players. The role of the offensive players is to attempt to hit the pin/cone by using an overhand or underhand throw.

If the offensive players are successful, the two defensive players rotate out and two new players take their place. If the offensive players are unsuccessful within three attempts, the defensive players players rotate out and two new players take their place.

Learning Targets

Game Builds

Build One: Passing Pattern

All players stand in a circle formation. They are given a ball which they have to pass around to each other. Players may not pass the ball to the players to their immediate left or right. The group must find a passing pattern that allows all players to touch the ball without breaking the “no passing to your neighbours” rule.

Build Two: Group Juggling

The players continue to pass the ball in the pattern they have developed in build one. The teacher adds additional balls to the game. The group’s challenge is to see how many balls they can keep passing without dropping any of the balls and without any player ever having more than one ball in hand.

Build Three: Guarding a Player

The teacher now places a hoop in the middle of the circle. One player is selected to be the target and another player is selected to be the guard. The target player must stand with both feet in the hoop. The group’s challenge is to complete a pass to the target player without the guard intercepting the ball. Is a pass is complete, the target player returns to the circle and the guard becomes the target player.

Build Four: Guarding a Pin

Same rules as the previous build, however the target player is replaced by a pin which the guard must defend.

Safety Considerations

All throws should be directed downwards.

Equipment Requirements

  • Hoops
  • Large Pins/Cones
  • Small Cones
  • Foam Ball

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