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Yeti Poster

Help your students develop a growth mindset and be positive as they learn in physical education with this fun poster!

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In 2013, I had the opportunity to speak and present the National PE Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. It was a life-changing experience for a lot of reasons, but being introduced to Mr Larry “Mac” MacDonald stands out as one of the most important. While talking to Mac, he introduced me to the power of the word “yet”. As I thought about it, I realized how powerful that simple word can be in helping students develop a growth mindset. “I can’t do this… yet”, “I don’t know that… yet”. “Yet” became part of the culture of my physical education program, with students using it (or singing it) as they explored challenging new skills and concepts. Now, you can remind your students to be “Yetis” in your lessons with this fun poster!

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