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Visual Class Rosters

Create a visual class roster to help you learn your students' names, organize your classroom, and more with the Visual Class Roster template!

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About this Resource

One of my goals at the start of every school year is to learn all of my students’ names as fast as possible. To help with this, I create these visual class roster posters for each of my classes.

The posters can help you (as well as anyone subbing for you) to associate a name to each face in your class. Additionally, assigning a number to each student helps makes tasks such as assigning <a href="">Plickers Assessment Magnets</a>, randomly selecting students, assigning class responsibilities, and creating teams a breeze!

To help you bring this resource to your teaching, I created a Google Slides template that you can edit. Also, I put together this walkthrough video to help you bring the Visual Class Rosters to your teaching!

Happy Teaching!

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