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TAG Peer Assessment Poster

Promote productive peer assessment discussion with the TAG Protocol Poster!

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About this Resource

TAG is peer assessment protocol and one that focuses on structuring the conversations that take place between student assessees and assessors.

TAG is an acronym that stands for:

  • Tell: Tell your partner something they did well.
  • Ask: Help your partner reflect on their work or performance by asking them a thoughtful question.
  • Give: Give your partner one suggestion (just one) on how they might be able to improve their work or performance.

This protocol is great for when you are first introducing peer assessment or for those classes that are currently struggling with their personal and social responsibility. Again, it may seem awkward at first (especially if introducing it to older students). That said, the goal is for students to internalize the process so that they eventually come to understand the importance of highlighting their peers’ successes, working in partnership with the person they are assessing, and paying enough attention to be able to provide actionable feedback to a classmate.

I hope this TAG Peer Assessment Poster helps spark productive, supportive conversations between your students!

Happy Teaching!

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