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Recess Steps-To-Success Graphics

Help set some positive guidelines that will help your students get the most out of recess with the Recess Steps-To-Success Graphics!

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About this Resource

Recess is every student’s chance to engage in meaningful play that will help them feel good, make friends, and have fun! I developed this set of printable Recess Steps-To-Success graphics to help keep recess fun, healthy, and safe for all.

Without wanting to add constraints or an overwhelming amount of rules that could take away from my students’ recess experiences, these guidelines are posted as reminders of what every student can do to help ensure that everyone is getting the most out of their recess time every day.

The download includes a PDF with the Recess Steps-To-Success graphics as well as a PNG file for each graphic so that you can easily add them to your school’s communication pieces.

Happy Teaching!

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