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Power Squad Rosters And Spots

Make your classroom management more efficient with the Power Squad Rosters and Spots resources!

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To help make my classroom management more efficient, I decided to use a Power Squad system with my younger grades (K-2).

Squads make it easier to organize students into groups, assign them to stations or activities, or even invite different squads to take care of specific responsibilities throughout our lessons.

Part of our classroom routines involves the students sitting down in their squads at different moments throughout the lesson. Since I often need my students to “squad up” at different locations in the gym (e.g. in front of the TV so we can analyze a skill performance, in front of the whiteboard so we can go over the lesson’s What/Why/How, or at their cones so that we can get into a peer-assessment activity), I decided to create two different versions of each squad’s colourful squad spot: a letter-based one and a number-based one.

This way, I can have my students learn the routines of “squadding up” at their number spots or their letter spots.

An extra set of printed Power Squad Spots can also make it easier for squads to understand where their starting activities are located, which goal they need to score in, or which other squads they are teamed up with for the game.

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