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Jump Rope Ladder

Help your students master a variety of jump rope skills with this fun challenge board! How far up the ladder can they go?

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About this Resource

The Jump Rope Ladder is a free resource that I’ve used with each of my classes to help students find that “just right” level of challenge.

The ladder lists the 15 individual jump rope skills that we work on in class, with the most challenging skills at the top and the most basic skills at the bottom (the order of these skills was actually determined by students when I originally made this!) As a class, we will look at each skill and decide what mastery of that skill would look like (e.g. a number of repetitions, quality checks, etc). Once we unpack all of this as a class, the students head out to work on their skills!

Starting with the more basic skills at the bottom, students get to work their way up the ladder by attempting to teach themselves each skill. In order to be able to move up a level on the ladder, students need to perform the current skill that they are working on in front of a classmate or their teacher. Once they show that they can perform the skill in a way that meets the mastery criteria that was determined as a class, they get to work on the next one!

To help your students master each skill, check out the QR Jump Rope Cards!

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