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Jump Rope Deli Teacher Pack

This Teacher Pack will provide you with everything you need to run’s Jump Rope Deli Unit! The Teacher Pack includes the Jump Rope Deli Sandwich Posters, Performance Zones Visual, Performance Steps-To-Success Poster, Student Jump Rope Routine Planner, and Performance Appreciation Peer-Assessment Sheet. Also included are the Jump Rope Ladder and Fail Then Sail Poster!

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About this Resource

The Jump Rope Deli Unit was designed to help your students master a variety of intermediate jump rope skills all while developing a growth mindset and their confidence as performers!

Based on best practices in performance confidence, this unit helps your students discover the elements of a great performance, know the role of mistakes/failure in learning, and understand how anxiety can be used to enhance performance.

The Jump Rope Deli Teacher Pack includes all of the visuals and student assessment tools I developed when I created this unit for my teaching. In the download package, you will find printable versions of the following resources:

  1. Jump Rope Ladder
  2. Fail Then Sail Poster
  3. Jump Rope Deli Posters (Sandwich Templates + Toppings List)
  4. Performance Zone Poster
  5. Jump Rope Performance Routine Sheet
  6. Performance Steps-To-Success Poster
  7. Performance Peer Reflection Sheet

You can also find full lesson walkthroughs, grade-level outcome unpacking trees, and additional information on best practices that support the development of performance confidence in students in my extensive teacher pack blog post here.

Happy Teaching

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