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FMS Manipulative Posters - Series One

Help your students master underhand throwing, overhand throwing, and catching with this set of beautiful, QR code-enhanced skill posters!

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About this Resource

Introducing the new FMS Manipulative Posters!

In series one of this printable poster series, the featured skills include overhand throwing, underhand throwing, and catching. Each 11″x17″poster features original artwork that students love, as well as the skill’s five critical elements (or “important keys”) in student friendly language.

Each poster is also enhanced with a QR code that links to an awesome video demonstration of the skill along with a slow motion/freeze frame breakdown of the skill in which the five critical elements are highlighted.

The download package also includes a set of Skill Key Cards for each of this series’ featured skills. Each skill’s Key Card set includes five colourful cards that each feature one of the skill’s critical elements (again, in student-friendly language) and a sixth card that summarizes all five keys onto a single card.

I love using these posters in my teaching when helping my students master the different fundamental movement skills. Having the critical elements always on display helps create a common language within my lessons and reminds students how each skill can be broken down into its smaller parts.

The Skill Key Cards get used in a variety of ways. This includes everything from student goal setting (where students place their assessment magnet under the critical element they are focusing on), to station-based peer-assessment (where students mini-coach each other by determining whether or not their teammate is demonstrating the “important key” at their station), to group reflections in which students attempt to identify the critical elements of a skill.

Having the colour-coordination, common artwork, and student-friendly language across the posters and Skill Key Cards makes it easier for students to understand what they are working towards, where they are at in their learning, and how they can close the gap between those two places. Plus having the whole set of posters on display in my gym serves as a reminder to all that visit it that fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of physical literacy!

I hope you enjoy these printable FMS Manipulative Posters and Skill Key Cards as much as I have! Happy teaching!

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