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Fitness Radar Charts

Help your students visualize how the components of fitness live in a variety of activities with the Fitness Radar Charts!

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About this Resource

The Fitness Radar Charts were designed to help your students make sense of how the components of fitness live within a range of activities.

Following their participation in a physical activity, students reflect on how that activity makes use of the different components of fitness. Using the blank radar charts on their reflection sheet, students determine the exertion level for each component and then plot their response on the graph with a dot. Once they have reflected on each component of fitness, students connect the dots to reveal their radar graph

Student radar chart assessment tool for teaching fitness in physical education.

Here is a walkthrough video that explains how to complete this assessment. This video is available to students via QR code on each reflection sheet:

Radar charts can be used in a variety of ways, including comparing activities by overlaying the radar chart produce for each activity. For example, here is a comparison between cycling and skateboarding:

Examples of radar chart for assessing fitness requirements of different physical activities in physical education.

The download includes two reflection sheets: one for the health-related components of fitness and another for the skill-related components of fitness. Also included is the Exertion Scale poster from my S.M.A.R.T. Goals Teacher Pack.

Happy Teaching!

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