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Emotions Language TREK Adventure Pack

Help your students identify and name different emotions in this fun, active academic language activity!

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About this Resource

The Language Learning TREK Adventure Packs help expose your students to academic language in a fun and active way!

The Emotions pack is part of the Social-Emotional Learning set: a collection of vocabulary items curated to help students develop their understanding of emotional self-regulation.

This pack is composed of three items that will help your students engage in this Language Learning TREK Adventure: the Emotions pack randomizer video, the Emotions pack student assessment sheet, and the 16 printable Emotions information cards.

Here’s how the randomizer video activity works:

TRAP: Students trap an emotion by playing the randomizer video and pausing it on a random emotion card.

READ: Students carefully read the emotion’s information while paying special attention to its spelling and its Zone of Regulation.

EXERCISE: Students then exercise by spelling out the emotions’ name. This is done by performing the exercise and number of repetitions assigned to each of the letters in the name.

KNOW: Students can show that they know that emotion by writing its name and sorting it on the assessment sheet!

Here’s a sample of a randomizer video in action (this video is taken from the Fruits & Veggies Language Learning TREK Pack)

If you’re looking for a low-tech version of this activity, the included 16 printable Emotions information cards were designed to be printed out on letter-sized paper. These make for perfect station sheets and allow you to easily include only a few language cards at a time in your distance learning resources.

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