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Defence Levels Posters

Introduce your students to cold, warm, and hot defence with the Defence Levels Posters!

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About this Resource

To help my students explore and learn new offensive skills and tactics in invasion games, I introduce my class to three defensive levels:

🥶 Cold Defence
😎 Warm Defence
🥵 Hot Defence

These defensive levels help offensive players experience success by progressively increasing the amount of pressure they are playing under. For defensive players, these levels provide them with opportunities to focus on different components of defensive play (e.g. footwork, closing out, forcing a turnover).

The Defence Levels Posters help students understand the goals of each level and provide them with cues on what is permitted (and not permitted) at each level. I hope that these posters make it easier for your students to understand the purpose of these defensive levels and help solve some of the confusion that may come with using defensive levels in your teaching.

Happy Teaching!

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