June 29, 2012

Breaking Down The Teaching Games for Understanding Model

If you’re interested in learning more about the Teaching Games for Understanding model, check out this video that I created with the help of Kelly Ann Parry and Mike Cicchillitti.

Stages of Teaching Games for Understanding:

1. Game Form

The game is introduced. The game form has been modified to represent the advanced form of the game and to meet the developmental level of the learner.

2. Game Appreciation

Students develop an understanding of the primary and secondary rules of the game as well as any modifications/variations applied to the game being played.

3. Tactical Awareness

With the help of questions, comments and game modifications from the teacher, students begin to work through the principles of play and identify key tactics and strategies that can lead to success in the game.

4. Decision Making

The teacher engages students in tactical talk to help them reflect on their decision making in the game.

5. Skill Execution

The teacher modifies the game to put an emphasis on skills that students identified as being essential to success.

6. Performance

The teacher observes the outcome of the students’ learning through the game by paying attention not only to the efficiency of the technique, but also the appropriateness of the response.

To learn more about the TGfU model, be sure to check out “Teaching Games for Understanding” by Linda Griffin and Joy Butler. Also, make sure you connect with the awesome Kelly Ann Parry!

Thanks for reading/watching and happy teaching!

Joey Feith
Joey Feith is a physical education teacher based out of Nova Scotia and the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com.
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