February 22, 2021

The #PhysEd Show Podcast: Listener Q&A!

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Show Notes

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you'd like to be a part of a future Q&A episode, feel free to submit any questions you may have with this link!

What are your favourite forms of assessment?

Submitted By: Hector/@hrico90 from Chicago, IL

Short Answer

My favourite forms of assessment are ones that put students in the drivers seat of their own learning by helping them be able to answer the three following questions:

  1. Where am I going?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. How do I close the gap?

Find the full answer at the 1:56 mark!

Links & Resources

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Katie White [Author]

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What are the main skills a student should have when they finish a #physed programme?

Submitted By: Liam/@olivertwist_2 from the UK/Malaysia

Short Answer

By the end of my program, I would hope that my students:

  1. Value healthy living and can communicate that value through both their own words and their actions.
  2. Know how to teach themselves a new skill.
  3. Can see a game beyond its skills and scores.

Find the full answer at the 17:13 mark!

Links & Resources

How I Start My School Year [Blog Post Series]

Adventure Pyramid Poster [Visual]

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Teaching Games for Understanding [Video]

How have you successfully developed meaningful and productive professional relationships with non-H/PE teachers?

Submitted By: Daniel/@superdanpe from Lexington, KY

Short Answer

Three tips I would have for PE teachers looking to build meaningful and productive relationships with non-HPE colleagues:

  1. Establish yourself as a teacher first by investing in your own professional development and self-advocacy.
  2. Take time getting to know your colleagues: people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  3. Actively contribute to advancing your school and its mission beyond the silo of your physical education program.

Find the full answer at the 32:32 mark!

Links & Resources

I got nothing! Haha but if you need anything, hit me up on Twitter!

Thanks for listening! Happy Teaching!

Joey Feith
Joey Feith is a physical education teacher based out of Nova Scotia and the founder of
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